Why I’m Ditching Mac.

May 9, 2015

  I have always been pretty computer agnostic. From my childhood, I remember playing with both the Commodore 64 and the Apple IIe. I helped set up early Macintoshes for my school library, but I also was just as comfortable setting up Windows boxes for my school computer lab. I eventually settled on Windows for my personal computing environment for several years…that is until 2009. I began working for a company that was mainly Windows, but my department was all Mac. To ease the strain of making everything talk, I broke down and bough a Macbook Pro so I could share resources with the company and edit  video on the road using the same codecs and programs that  were used at work. 

Fast forward to Final Cut Gate as I call it. Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X. This is fine except it didn’t have all the capabilities of the previous version needed for many people editing. When introduced it worked well as a one user platform. The obvious choice (since my workplace had a mix of Final Cut 6 and Final Cut 7 computers was to upgrade everyone to 7 and wait until X became more mature. Upon the introduction of X, Apple ceased selling 7 licenses causing our team to drop Final Cut all together and go with Adobe Premiere Pro. We were not alone in this and I believe Adobe owes Apple a thank you for forcing so many creative to actually notice the capabilities of Premiere.

Meanwhile on my Macbook, everything was fine and I switched to Adobe Premiere as well. Adobe also introduced Audition for Mac, so everything was great… until a few weeks ago.

My Macbook has started to lock up for 15 minutes at a time, and while editing on Premiere, the audio suddenly sounds like I’m fast forwarding all the time. Only a restart will fix the issue for a little bit, but then it starts again. A complete wipe of the system and a new SSD install didn’t fix the issues either. So now its time to get a new laptop.

Now I’m used to a terabyte capacity system drive and a terabyte capacity secondary drive in place of the optical drive in my Macbook. I use the secondary drive as an edit drive and also run a Windows partition on it for programs I can’t find for Mac. When searching for new Macbooks, I find that the new Pro line uses an MSATA SSD and not the conventional 2.5” form factor. The new Macbook Pros also “boast” no space for a secondary drive. You have to lug around an external drive if you want more space…how is that progress? I didn’t even mention the part where Apple now solders in the RAM so you can’t upgrade or replace it later!

So the current crop of Macbook Pros do not have enough internal storage space for my needs, and even maxed out at 1TB of internal storage, the price is $3100 for comparable specs to my current Macbook Pro. This leaves me with the option of  of getting a refurb 2012 Macbook Pro (the last year they had space for 2 internal drives) , but that will cost almost $3000 as well…for old technology!!!!!!!!!

Now stepping back from the situation, we are in a slightly different world than 2009. I can now get the ProRes codec for Windows to support any legacy projects I may have, and Adobe Creative Cloud runs just as well on Windows as it does on Mac. I have a greater selection of programs to choose from as well… from Software Defined Radio (not available on Mac) for my ham radio interests, to Sony Vegas (an old favorite not available on Mac either), to any number of utilities and apps that will do anything I could imagine. The Mac ecosystem seems to have priced itself and feature limited itself out of my ability to use it any more (I still like my iPhone, but thank goodness I can sync that with a PC).  In my view, Apple is sacrificing usability and functionality for the “illusion” of portability.

Companies like Dell are coming out with laptops that beat the specs of the Macbook Pro line while coming in at a much reduced cost. For those of us that have invested in Thunderbolt peripherals, Dell is also embracing  Thunderbolt ports while Apple just does not include it in the regular Macbook line. Many question if the next generation of Macbook Pro will even support Thunderbolt? Apple has a history of introducing products that work for enterprise level businesses, and then just dropping them (leaving companies and individuals with very expensive paperweights). 

For now I can get a Dell  (like the M3800) that kicks the pants off of the specs of a current Macbook Pro, has space for both an internal 2.5” drive and a 1TB MSATA SSD…and it gives me a 4K Touchscreen! The best part is that this computer is almost half the cost of a Macbook Pro with fewer ports and slower specs. Gone are the days of needing a Mac to be creative. Some motion pictures are edited on Windows these days. Dell, ASUS, and other PC manufacturers all have a number of very capable multimedia laptops and desktops.

$1600 vs $3100  and the $1600 gives me more ports, more storage space, a higher resolution display, a sleeker body, and a touchscreen. I guess the decision has already been made for me.


Is it too late?

March 17, 2015

I recently heard someone I greatly respect wondering where life had gone. He said, “Before you know it…you are old.”


He began to think about all of the things he hadn’t done yet and all of the ideas he just kept in his mind. I myself began to think about how time flies in this fast paced world. If you are not careful, life can pass you by…and for the majority of society, it does.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

In this day and age it is easy to “float through life.” Instead of making life happen it seem most of society lets life happen to it. All adventures can seemingly be lived simply by turning on the computer or television and the will to stand up for things one believes in seems to be almost extinct. Don’t rock the boat seems to be the mantra of the day…in fact as long as we are on a boat at all, no one seems to care how we got here or where we are going.

In today’s world it seems like life can run on autopilot. It’s the same thing over and over again, day after day… the same routine. Get up, go to work, lunch break, back to work, go home, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed, get up, go to work, and on and on and on.

We have become a nation of consumers, but there is an imbalance because we were also all born as creators. The problem is that creating takes work and consuming does not. Sure, you work for money to spend on consumption, but what do you put back into the creative pool? Are you really content just living your life through watching a fictional tv or game character? Eating food someone else cooks? Only listening to music someone else writes or sings?

Now I know some of you are thinking, “I’m not creative!” I have news for you. We all have an inner creative spark. We are all created to be creative! What inner creative spark lies within you? What makes you smile when you think about it? Go back to your childhood…what did you like to do and how much more did your imagination guide your life back then?

If your are doing what you love and truly making a difference in the world…then great, that is what this post is about. If you feel trapped in a routine from day to day then I encourage you to break it and find your true spark. I’m not saying quit what you do, but I am saying find time to nurture your spark and let it grow. We each have creative gifts that life tends to squash in order for us to become part of the crowd. Nurture your spark, shine, become great at what you love, foster your passion; make a difference in the world!

You are here for a reason. I said you! You are not an employee number, you are not a cog in a machine, and you are not replaceable. You have something unique to offer that no one else can do the way you do …if only you feed the spark.

Now, you can sit on the couch wondering where your life is going or where all the time has gone, or you can get up and do something about it. You are only limited by your determination. Life will throw you obstacles and excuses every step of the way and you can choose to embrace them or defy them. Obstacles are part of the journey, they should not stop you. Don’t give up.

Write your own music, take acting classes, write a book, sing, find a way to incorporate what you love into your job, find out what policies politicians are pushing through and then get involved in your community to make sure your ideals are represented. Follow your dreams and make them reality! BE LIFE and pour into other’s lives, don’t just watch life go by from the sidelines.

The secret is that life is a balance of consumption AND creation. The other secret? “Before you know it… you are old” does not have to be a phrase or thought of regret. You are never too old to start being something great!



August 18, 2014

Growing up in the entertainment industry I learned that no overnight success happens overnight. My parents discovered Alan Jackson when he was working in a mailroom and Sawyer Brown playing small venues and clubs for years.

Generally, people see the end result and have no idea the work and determination it takes to get there. We live in a now society. Video on demand, instant coffee, 24 hour news, the internet at our fingertips 24/7 on our smartphones. We don’t see the building blocs of success because we see how big things already are. The final product overshadows the work it took to get there.

I say this to encourage you on your journey. Every failure or stumbling block is a learning experience and one step closer to success. I would even argue that overcoming a road block is the definition of success. Success is not the final product; it is the years of work you invest into becoming the final product.

If you stay the course and follow your passions, you are a success. Your hard work will change the world around you…its worth it!


Building a Better World

August 8, 2014

What is your passion? When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about? When you go to sleep at night, what dreams occupy your mind?

If you are a Christian like I am, you believe that we are beings made in the image of our Creator. Think about that… in the image of our Creator. Inborn in each of us is a desire to create.

We each have a desire to share our ideas and dreams because our DNA is built from creativity. Spoken into existence we can’t help but speak our thoughts and hope to create a difference in the world ourselves.

Follow the desires of your heart… the desires God gave you. Those passions are what will allow you to create great things in this world.

 You are filled with words, actions and abilities that can inspire and feed people. In a world that seems to tear people down, sometimes it is hard to realize that God has equipped us to build each-other up.

Follow your passion and help build a better world.


You have a gift…Use it!

August 7, 2014

Keep pursuing your dreams and passions. Life is full of roadblocks and people who do not want your to succeed. The secret is that when you face these roadblocks, you know you are on the right path and doing something that matters.

No success story happened on a pre-paved road. Success comes from trail-blazing and innovating. Success comes from the kind of thinking that creates new paths for people to journey. When you travel an established path, say an interstate for example, you see the hills and valleys that have been overcome, you see the bridges built and the rock cut away… the same goes for the path of our lives. It is not easy to be a trail-blazer, but if God gave you a message, gift or passion to share, then you have a hard road ahead of you…like it or not. The world will resist you, but keep blazing the trail and find the bridges to build and the rocks to blast away.

You are creating a trail and once the trail is started people will start using it. In time you will find that the roadblocks will be less, the momentum, greater, and more people will share your vision. The occasional pothole or detour will always happen, but as life now changes constantly, you too should constantly blaze new trails, innovate, and embrace your God given creativity.

No one ever changed the world by standing still. You have a gift…use it!


Stewardess of Flight Attendant?

December 27, 2011

The ABC show “Pan Am” is giving people a glimpse into the world of what used to be great airline service….and a time when the term stewardess was respected.

When did the words stewardess and steward become derogatory terms?
The “PC” term Flight Attendant has taken root. I was even reprimanded on my radio show once by a “flight attendant” who took offense at my use of the term stewardess.

Now, to me at least, the term stewardess has certain flair about it… it commands respect. A steward is someone placed in charge of something…given authority over a thing or area. In the Bible, we are even called to be good stewards. So what is the beef with the term?

In a recent AOL.tv article I like what a former Pan Am stewardess had to say…
“Oh absolutely we were stewardesses,” said Leslie Paine Anding, a Pan Am stewardess from 1965-74. “I wasn’t anybody’s attendant, thank you very much.”

So it seems at least now that the flight attendants that insist they are not stewards or stewardesses are demoting themselves for the sake of PC. Although you could say the entire industry is not what it was… maybe we don’t have a place for a true steward in the cabin. Gone are the days of class in the airline industry. Society has made pilots into bus drivers, stewardesses into attendants, gourmet meals into peanuts, and as we all know, passengers into cattle.

Tell me what your take is on the issue and while you are at it, check out my friend Chris Hogan speaking about Biblical Stewardship: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE29uPhZ5A8


Thought for the day….

November 13, 2011

If cars were made out of Nerf material, there would be no need for body shops. Cars would just bounce of of each other in an accident.


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