Stewardess of Flight Attendant?

December 27, 2011

The ABC show “Pan Am” is giving people a glimpse into the world of what used to be great airline service….and a time when the term stewardess was respected.

When did the words stewardess and steward become derogatory terms?
The “PC” term Flight Attendant has taken root. I was even reprimanded on my radio show once by a “flight attendant” who took offense at my use of the term stewardess.

Now, to me at least, the term stewardess has certain flair about it… it commands respect. A steward is someone placed in charge of something…given authority over a thing or area. In the Bible, we are even called to be good stewards. So what is the beef with the term?

In a recent AOL.tv article I like what a former Pan Am stewardess had to say…
“Oh absolutely we were stewardesses,” said Leslie Paine Anding, a Pan Am stewardess from 1965-74. “I wasn’t anybody’s attendant, thank you very much.”

So it seems at least now that the flight attendants that insist they are not stewards or stewardesses are demoting themselves for the sake of PC. Although you could say the entire industry is not what it was… maybe we don’t have a place for a true steward in the cabin. Gone are the days of class in the airline industry. Society has made pilots into bus drivers, stewardesses into attendants, gourmet meals into peanuts, and as we all know, passengers into cattle.

Tell me what your take is on the issue and while you are at it, check out my friend Chris Hogan speaking about Biblical Stewardship: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE29uPhZ5A8


Thought for the day….

November 13, 2011

If cars were made out of Nerf material, there would be no need for body shops. Cars would just bounce of of each other in an accident.


One God, Three Persons?

September 20, 2011

While contemplating the things of God several years ago… I was struggling with the concept of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit all being God. Is He one God or three? I would hear “He is three in one.” No one could really explain the concept other than it is one of the “mysteries of God.” I prayed about it and God answered with an answer that has stuck with me ever since. God gives us clues in the world around us about how and why he works, and the Trinity is no exception.

God impressed upon me to think of Him as water. Seems logical since we are dunked in water when we are Baptized. “Why water…God?” I asked. He explained that water in a way is a representation of Him. Water exists in three states that we all know, but is still the same substance. Think of it this way: Liquid water = God, Ice = Jesus, and Steam = The Holy Spirit. Three manifestations of the same substance. They are all the same, yet show us different properties. So don’t be tempted to just dismiss a question you have about God as a mystery (though those do exist), ask Him for an answer…He may answer you in a way you never expected!


Review For CheesyCam.com

April 25, 2011

This week I did a review of a small dimmable bi-color LED on camera light that I picked up at NAB. The result is a gust post to one of my favorite blogs… CheesyCam.com. 


NAB Time

April 11, 2011

It is NAB Time and I’m in Vegas. I won’t be on the blog, but be sure to follow me on twitter @videocam . I will be updating my tweeps about some of the cool stuff I come across at the show.


Kenny Rogers : Know When To Hold Em

April 6, 2011

Kenny Rogers…. Kenny Rogers was one of the many people to regularly visit my parent’s office during my childhood on Music row. Naomi Judd, Sawyer Brown, Alan Jackson, the list goes on and on. But Kenny Rogers may be the most interesting and embarrassing celebrity encounter I ever had. The encounter was probably even more embarrassing for my parents.

The reason for the red faces is due to the fact that I was a HUGE Spider-Man fan. I even went to visit Spider-Man at the mall when he took a break from crime fighting.

So naturally I HAD TO HAVE the Amazing Spider-Man hand! This thing was cool! Spider-Man’s hand was on the end of a stick with attached handle and when you squeezed on the handle it would make the hand grip! It was awesome! So anyway… back to Kenny Rogers. Kenny was just finishing a jog on Music Row and got in the elevator with my mom and I up to the office. I had just gotten the Spidey Hand and was anxious to grab anything that I could with it. Well, the only thing new in the elevator was Kenny, and for some unknown reason the hand ended up between his legs. One pull of the handle and Kenny just about hit the ceiling! After mom pulled my Spidey hand quickly back and Kenny figured out what happened… he sheepishly laughed, patted me on the head and jogged out of the elevator into the office. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life… except for the time that I rang the Liberty Bell. I’ll save that for another post.



Are Self-Checkouts Good For Us?

September 19, 2010

The self-checkout is supposed to be a marvel of modern technology that will save us time, but in practice it hardly works that way. I have seen short and long lines in the self-checkout aisle, and most everyone I talk to says “It is such a hassle to deal with this stupid thing!”

Here is a conversation I heard at Wal-Mart today between the person next to me and the self-checkout machine:

Customer: Yes! No line! (scans first item)
Machine: Please place your product in the bag.
Customer: I already did!
Machine: Please wait for an attendant.
Customer: I thought this was supposed to save time.

The self-checkout machine is popular in many department and grocery stores today. They can have at least 6 going with only one employee watching. The thing here is that I don’t really think the stores were thinking of me (the customer) when they installed these things. Sure they are touted as timesavers (that may only be true when they are working), but I feel like I am being cheated out of part of the customer experience. Customer service is gone, and I temporarily become an employee of the store while checking out.

Yes, that is what I said…I’m an employee of the store when using one. The store is saving labor costs by using me as labor. I am the checkout person. So now I think I have started to build of some sort of resentment towards the stores using these machines. Let me explain why:

I don’t mind checking out myself, but I feel the store should give me a discount or at least a small paycheck every month based upon my purchases made through the self-checkout aisle. I am doing the store’s job, and at the same time having to put up with an amazingly annoying machine that rarely works like it should.

I suppose when you look at it in a broader sense, retail stores are going the way of the gas station. They all used to be full service, but you can hardly find a full service pump these days. At least during the transition, the gas industry had the decency to charge less for self-service over full-service.

So grocery and department stores, please hear my cry. If you insist on installing “self-serve”, please respect the customer and give them some value out of it. How is it a deal for the customer when the person getting their items checked out and bagged for them is paying the same price as the person doing all that work himself?


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